Originally from Nashville, Amanda Neill moved to NYC in her late 20s, regularly taking the stage at staple venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Bell House, and Joe's Pub at The Public, most notably with Jamey Hamm and Ivy Beck & Neill. Amanda and her husband also owned and operated a small coffee shop in Brooklyn, which stood as a thriving hub for local musicians, artists, writers, and poets. Shortly after moving to Marshall, NC, in 2019, Amanda co-founded The Greybirds, quickly making a splash in and around the Asheville area. 
Amanda's new project draws on the influences of American folk and rock music, along with modern singer-songwriters and indie rock. The vibe originates from her unique vocal tone and intensity along with her Crumar keyboard, vocal harmonies, thoughtful drumming, bass, and an array of guitar tones and sounds. With lyrics that are both personal and relatable, one can always expect melodies that feel familiar, like a visit from an old friend. 

"A voice containing all the ragged edge and electricity of a Janis Joplin or Joe Cocker... Joni Mitchell after a lot of nights at the Tom Waits school of late night bars... And while those may seem like very broad strokes of comparison, the more you hear Neill sing the more you’ll hear that same world-weary, raspy husk that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up." - On The Back Edge Of The Beat